Pukka Bar: Naans and Cocktails!

The mythic restaurant Chutney Mary has recently moved to St Jame’s St, and has taken advantage of the move to open up a super trendy new bar: The Pukka Bar. A majestic copper bar, a chill atmosphere and exotic cocktails, you don’t need any more reason to check it out.

The beverages are super stylin’, with colorful glasses in extravagant Bollywood shapes. Spiced martinis, infused gins, exotic fruits, it’s great fun to try new things like the Watermelon Cosmopolitan or the Rangpur Gimlet. We love the Mango Mojito (£13.50) that gives you the impression of chopping into fresh mango, in addition to intoxication!

What is there to munch on? To accompany everything, a menu of little fusion bites (£4.50 to £11.50): venison samosas, marinated octopus, and naans with peas. You can also order up a curry from the restaurant menu.

Open Monday to Saturday, noon to 11pm.

Anne-Sophie Rischard

Anne-Sophie Rischard

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