Masala Zone: The Indian TV Dinner

Is there anything better than a Netflix-and-chill evening at home? On the food side, nothing better than comforting Indian food….We hurry to order good little dished from Masala Zone, the specialist in Indian street food. Nothing more to do but to put on your comfy leggings and wait for delivery.

What to order? The top of the line tv dinner is the Thali. A curry, served true Indian style with several bowls containing rice, veggies, chutney and papadums. For £11, you can choose the flavor of the curry and you get all the accompanyments. Don’t forget the Dahi Puri (£5), to munch on first, and the Mango Lassi (£2.50) to sip on during your meal.

Don’t forget to check out the spices, and look at the little chilis next to the dishes before ordering. One chili symbol is already pretty spicy, 2 chilis and you are on fire.

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Anne-Sophie Rischard

Anne-Sophie Rischard

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