Liha Beauty, the up-and-coming beauty label

Liha Beauty, the birth of the project

We met at University over 18 years ago. I was an athlete competing for GB and Liha was a bit of a slacker, but we clicked over our love of natural cosmetics and natural hair. We were always talking hair and skincare; comparing discoveries from our travels.

Over the years our knowledge grew and we started making our own products and sharing recipes and ideas. Launching Liha Beauty was really an organic process. The products we were making in our kitchens became really popular amongst our friends and family, and when the whole natural cosmeticsmovement started to really gain traction we thought maybe we should give it a go.

So we decided to do a little trial at Port Eliot festival and see how people reacted to the branding and to our workshop, where we show how to make their own natural cosmetics with Shea butter. It went so well we sold out and had to pack up and leave a day early! We also met the Anthropologie buyer there who said she wanted to be a stockist really put us on the right track.


Why shea butter?

Shea butter is a staple product in Africa, the fat extracted from the nut of the Karite tree. It is known as Woman’s Gold due to the economic freedom and personal independence the cooperatives have been able to offer women of the region. Shea butter is one super moisturising organic natural ingredient, that works as a stand-alone balm for anything or as a superior base for whipping your own natural cosmetics.

As we are both from Nigerian heritage, shea butter is a product that was always in our beauty routine but isn’t widely known outside Africa in its raw state. We want to bring it to the western market and demystify the look and feel of raw Shea.

We source our Ivory Shea from a co-operative in Northern Ghana and our Gold Shea from Abi’s dad’s village in Nigeria.


Advice for launching a company with a friend?

Abi: for me the most important advice would be to remember although you are business partners friendship comes first. It can become very easy to forget that when you are tackling the day to day and it all becomes about business. We started our business because first and foremost we were great friends who share the same vision and passion, I try and remember that when things get tough and stressful. Also, communication is key, it’s something we are continuously working to improve.


A tip about running a business from two different locations?

Don’t… only joking! I would say it’s very difficult but not impossible. For us it’s a work in progress but I would say communication, communication, communication! Scheduling weekly meetings is essential.


Favourite London beauty shops?

Liberty of course, their beauty hall is second to none! Liberty’s curation of products is impeccable, they are forward thinking in their selection of brands and they stock our Idan oil.

For natural products, Being Content based in Marylebone have the best selection, it’s a treasure trove of everything you need if you want to go wholly natural. They have our whole range.


What are your upcoming news and workshops?

We will be at Renegade Craft Fair on November 5 -6th. Our next workshop will be taking place at Soho Farm House on November 29th.

Watch this space: in the next few months, we’ll be launching our crowd-funding campaign to aid our expansion.


Online shop available
Shea butter: £20
Idan oil: from £16


Credit: Darcie Judson

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