Psycle : Pedal in Style like Bridget Jones

The new fitness craze of thin businesswomen : pedal in style at Psycle, the spinning studio. At Psycle, no need to hesitate between 25 different discipline - here you only do indoor cycling in a group course. With super-motivational trainers, loud music, kit supplied for you, including special socks (just turn up with your shorts and sports bra), everything is there to help you succeed and concentrate on the effort of burning as much energy as possible. And it works ! After a few sessions with a crazy night-club rhythm, you leave feeling wiped out after the super intense courses and find yourself with your younger silhouette, just like Bridget Jones.

£20 a session, it’s not a giveaway, but the studios are super luxurious and the coaches are fitness and nutrition stars. And by paying as you go, there is no risk of taking a year pass to a gym where you will never go ! We haven’t found better for evacuating stress, toxins and calories !

We love : the 5 minutes of abs and crunches at the end of the course, which permits a whole body workout each time, and the smoothie bar, to recharge your batteries with super healthy foods at the end of the course.

£20 a session, £180 for a pack of 10 sessions during 6 months

By Anne-Sophie Rischard

Where to find it ?


Crossrail Place

E14 5LQ London

020 3229 0017

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