Miller Harris Gives an Elegant Scent to Canary Wharf

Open last November, the concept store by the famous luxury perfumer gives a lovely fragrance to the business district of Canary Wharf.  We give you a whiff of this new boutique where the experience goes beyond the senses.

Until recently located very centrally, with two boutiques in Covent Garden and Seven Dials, the famous London perfumery Miller Harris has migrated to the east. Cabot Place, home of the luxurious shopping center of Canary Wharf, is where the brand has installed its bottles.  And not just any bottles, you know. More than a perfumer, Miller Harris is an “olfactive artist,” creating perfumes with complex and rare ingredients, inspired by nature.  Enveloping yourself in these scents generates sensations.

The new bijoux sized boutique at Canary Wharf goes against the rules.  In a decor with colourful walls, the perfume bottles sit upon personalized stands.  Crystal blue for Eau Magnetique, rose petals under Noix de Tuberose: Miller Harris plays with exoticism and elegance with its non-conventional creations.  To complete the experience, the brand invites clients to “listen and feel” the eclecticism of its perfumes by associating them with a sound- here a buzzing, there there sounds of a crackling fire- or of an evocative texture, integral to the story or ingredients used.  A spritz of scent, you close your eyes and let your “imaginasensation.” Playful and enchanting.

Among the perfumes, some are true works of art...ists.  To help you smell (almost) unique, the brand works with young talents in London, invited to breathe their creative flair in and on the perfume bottles.

You still don’t smell it?  Miller Harris has thought of the most indecisive as well as the most determined.  Head to the perfume profiling station, a space where clients are invited to think about their fragrance. So chic.

Our favourite: Lumière Dorée, with bergamot, jasmine, amber, musk and orange flower water, a perfume described by Miller Harris as an “energizing sun.”  A mix of freshness and intensity that we already have in (and on) the skin!

The most British:  Want to smell local? Opt for the Tea Tonique, a perfume with tea and bergamot, nutmeg, birch, musk and lemon.

Alice Thierry de Ville d'Avray

Where to find it ?

Miller Harris

Cabot Place, Canary Wharf

E14 4QT London

+44 (0)20 7399 1948

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