Browns East: 5 Reasons to Discover the Boutique in Shoreditch

Because it's an iconic brand:  behind Browns, Sidney and Joan Burstein, an iconic couple in the midst of the fashion world since the 70s.  Their big chance was to be one of the first to buy one of the five Georgian houses on South Molton Street that has become a shopping destination for fashionistas.  Twenty years after revolutionizing Mayfair, the installation of a new boutique by the mythic duo in East London is in the very image of their brand:  open to the evolution of the fashion industry.

Because the boutique is in Shoreditch:  the neighbourhood has undergone a profound mutation in the last decade.  Already considered passe by some, Shoreditch is still an epicenter for creatives and the place to be for shopping.  APC, Aubin & Willes, Urban Outfitters and independent boutiques have installed their shops around Shoreditch High Street, Redchurch Street and Calvert Avenue.  The arrival of Browns East has made the 'hood even more desireable, no matter what the critics say.

Because it's more than a boutique, it's a true experience that starts on the ground floor where the creations of new talents and independents are exposed on sculptural racks.  The second floor is reached by a gallery staircase and is dedicated to accessories, shoes and jewellry.  This floor also has a cafe by the excellent Fatties bakery, and a space called The Table, reserved for events and workshops around the fashion universe and another space, The Focus, dedicated to capsule collections and collabs.

Because it's a boutique labelled "store of the future," with technology that combines electronic commerce and IRL shopping.  Clients can also consult a shopping list in the store, get recommendations and order your size directly from the changing room.  A boutique of the future AND modern in its approach to gender:  don't look for the women's or men's sections, at Browns, there is none.  The strict lines of demarcation are permanently destroyed and clients can mix and choose their pieces according to their own interpretations.

Beacuse it's an eco-friendly shop: situated in a former printing factory, the luminoustwo floor space is eco-friendly.  The woodfloor was made with recycled wood and furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Open Monday to Friday 11am to 6.30pm, Saturday 10am to 6.30pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm.

Alice Thierry de Ville d'Avray

Where to find it ?

Browns East

21 Club Row

E2 7EY London

The week of Do It

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