Beauty Pie: The Beauty Addict’s New Secret

Posh lippie at bargain prices? That’s the promise of Beauty Pie, the new online startup that will turn the beauty world upside down. Behind the concept is Canadian Marcia Kilgore, not at all a novice to the industry, as the 42 year old has created multiple successful businesses such as the fun, fifties brand Soap & Glory and the organic line Soaper Duper.

The idea: for a subscription fee of £10 a month, the members of Beauty Pie have access to high quality products sourced from ultra-prestigious factories (the same that manufacture items for the big brands), but without the price that comes with it.

Their dream goal: travel the world to find the best sources, take away the middle man, and propose all products at mini prices.

For their launch in December, the team concentrated on beautista essentials. Not exclusive at all, you can also buy without becoming a member, but the prices are much higher. For example: Ivory foundation is £5.06 for members (£30 for non-members), Red Light lipstick for a firey mouth is £2.30 [vs. £20), or the Black Cat eyeliner for a smokey eye is £1.50 (vs. £16).

We love: the total transparency of the price of each product, detailed step by step at the end of each page.

The green touch: the packaging are simple to limit costs as well as their environmental impact, using vegetable inks and recycled packaging.

Beauty fans, be patient as the line is still a bit small, but over 100 new products will arrive in 2017, such as a line of face care products and makeup brushes.

Description online, subscription cancelable at any time after the first three months.

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