The Yoga Facial from Aesthetics Lab: A Detox for Your Face

A fresh look, relaxed face and skin free from toxins in only 90 minutes? It’s the promise of the Yoga Facial treatment from Aesthetics Lab, the poshest esthetic clinic in Hampstead.  The idea of this bespoke facial, customized to your skin problems at the time, is to detoxify, oxygenate and to stretch the facial muscles like you would do for the body during a yoga session.

After putting on a certain combination of products that executes a lymphatic drainage to reinforce the effectiveness of the facial, the face is cleaned, then massaged, pinched, pressed, and stretched by subtle techniques inspired by traditional yoga and meditation.

The highlight is at the end of the massage, with a fantastic head massage that helps you fully relax.  With an overall feeling of wellbeing that is obvious from one glance at your face, you appear more luminous and relaxed, as if you had slept for 15 hours straight!  Yes, we agree, it’s a bit more expensive than a yoga class (£180 for 90 minutes) but your face appears 5 years younger, and that is priceless!

We love: The Green Shot smoothie, served at the beginning of the session to give a boost to the detox. And we love the brand’s serums that you can buy at the end of the session.

Yoga Facial with Lymphastim: £180 for a 90 minute session

Anne-Sophie Rischard

Where to find it ?


128 Regents Park Road

NW1 8XL London

020 7722 5872

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