TotallySwedish, the food version of IKEA

Good news, the ones who crave for the IKEA food will no longer need to cross the city to eat delicious salmon gravlax, meatballs and cranberry sauce. You’ll be able to bring back everything home after grocery shopping at TotallySwedish.

The colors of the Swedish flag are all around in this delicatessen shop. Annethe, the owner and her blondies crew talk in Swedish to their best customers, disorientation guaranteed!

All the products come from Sweden: smoked salmon (£7,50 for 100g), marinated and salmon eggs. No chance to understand what is said on the box, it is in Swedish.

We love: buy loads of Daims, cinnamon biscuits and some Kalles (the famous tube of cod eggs).

Top : they have a great selection of healthy products: lactose free and gluten free. It is the only place in London to sell gluten free puff pastry (£7).

Other exclusive product : fresh cubes of baking powder - useful to bake your own bread (£0,50 for a cube, which can be used for 4 batches of brioche).

There is a chance that you'll end up bringing back home all you need for a Nordic brunch: smoked salmon, dill sauce, some giants Wasa and cinnamon brioches!!!! What a perfect menu!!!

Open from Monday to Saturday 10AM to 6PM, late-night opening on Thursday till 7.30PM. Open on Sunday from 12PM to 4PM. Shopping online on the website.

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