Tombo Poke: The Poké / Matcha Combo of London's Yummy Mummies

With its combo of Poké bowls and Matcha bars, Tombo Poke in the heart of Soho, offers our two healthy faves of the moment. Straight from Hawaii, you won’t find anything healthier than the Poké bowl, made up of rice, veggies and raw marinated fish. We love the ones offered at Tombo, with fresh fish with rice or courgette spaghetti for a greener option.

Since we tasted the Salmon Avo, made up of salmon, avocado, and edamame, we have made Tombo Poké our new Yummy Mummy hangout. Impossible to not find something you like, as you can even make up your own Poké recipe.

Sit down at one of the little tables to taste the fresh bowls [at great prices] and finish lunch with a Matcha in one its many forms. Matcha latte, matchiato, match brownie or matcha sundae: the green gold filled with antioxidants is the star of the Matcha bar and we can’t get enough!

Signature Poké (gluten free): £4.50 to £7.95 depending on the size and type

Open from Monday to Sunday, 11.30am to 8.30pm

By Anne-Sophie Rischard

Where to find it ?


28 D'Arblay St

W1F 8EW Londres


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