Theo's Pizzeria: THE Pizza to Try in Camberwell

A neighbourhood without a pizzeria, its like a margherita without tomato sauce, it just doesn't exist.  Camberwell has its pizzeria and not just any old pizza joint.  Open in October 2015 by Theo Lewis, ex chef from Pizza East, the establishment that was voted the "best pizzeria" by Time Out in 2017.

Divied into a dining room and a bar/counter and a little room between the two, the interior is like the exterior:  pure white with whitewashed walls and tables in marble.  Don't try looking for red-checkered napkins, Italian maps proudly displayed on teh walls or braids of garlic hanging from the ceiling:  they aren't here.   Here, all the details are on the plate.

Cooked in a wood burning brick oven that presides in the dining room, the pizzas are thick and chewy on the edges, fine and crunchy in the middle.  And on top?  The garntiture isn't meager here, it's seasonal and varied.  Passing the test with flying colours:  the aubergine pizza, the salami pizza and the calzone, with a creamy layer of ricotta left in your mouth.  If you can't quite decide, opt for the focaccia.  Flavoured with garlic and cooked to perfection, the bread is hard to resist alongside a side order of mozzarella.  On the drinks menu, pitchers of house wine, along with beer and cocktails of your choice.

When to go: when you want a really good pizza (so, often!)

We love: that all the products come from Italy.  The tomatoes are from San Marzano, the mozzarella Bianca Bufala comes from Naples, the anchoives are a salty Italian variety.  The meat comes from local bouchers Flock and Herd from Peckham.

The Little Extra: the dough is prepared with organic yeast from Dusty Knuckle, in Dalston, and can also be made gluten- free.

Open Monday 12pm- 10pm, Tuesday to Thursday 12pm to 10.30pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 11pm, Sunday 12pm to 10.30pm

Alice Thierry de Ville d'Avray

Where to find it ?

Theo's Pizzeria

2 Grove Lane

SE5 87Y London

020 3026 4224

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