The Pigeon Hole Cafe Bar: Bird Refuge by Day

We promise, we don't think you are cuckoo.  Tucked away from the agitation on the noisy Peckham Road, the mini cafe Pigeon Hole seems like a little cocoon.  This is the kind of spot we love to come to, to drink a hot chocolate on a winter's afternoon.  But not only that....

In this neighbourhood, the regulars come to sit down to savour eggy toast at breakfast or to sip a cocktail at the end of the day.  At lunchtime, the menu varies with the seasons but the quality and freshness remains irreprochable.  In the afternoon, the tables are taken over by freelancers taking advantage of the wifi, the very good coffee and the delicious little cakes that are on display under cake domes on the ocunter.

When to go:  in winter and in summer. Situated on a little square away from the street, the Pigeon has a few outdoor tables, which will make smokers happy.

We love:  the books available on the counter, the cool indy music variety, the discreet and charming workers, and watching the stream of regualrs that come to buy fresh bread every day.

The little extra:  the cafe puts local artists on display, and some of the furnishings are for sale as well.  Keep a lookout.

Open Monday- Saturday 8.30am- 9.30pm, Sunday 10am- 5pm

Alice Thierry de Ville d'Avray

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