Election night in a very exclusive London Westminster Club

The Cinnamon Club is THE  "Westminster Canteen". Located in the old Westminster district this bar is the politicians favorite spot when it comes to enjoy a typical London "election night".

What's the concept ? Dinner is served at 6pm, the menu is signed by Vivek Singh the in-house chef who's speciality is a modern Indian cuisine. While enjoying his delicious meals you'll be able to follow the election night step by step on the massive screens.

On the menu ? Lamb filet with spices, wild mushrooms or their famous tandoori prawns.

We love : chill and discuss about politics in the "library bar" situated on the ground floor and order a "Bellini Ballot". A few signature cocktails has been created for the occasion like the Labour of Love, the Tory Twist, the Liberal Liberation or the Green Scene.

What a great idea : during the "election night" everyone is invited to drop a business card in one of the ballot boxes and get the chance to win a free meal, what a great bonus !!

Bookings : www.cinnamonclub.com

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