Silk Road: The Chinese Cantine of A Million Flavours

Don't be put off by the red shop front, a slight bit worn down, and the cafeteria-style dining room: this address is considered one of the best Chinese restaurants in South London.  For proof:  multiple recommendation stickers glisten on the front window, among them "the least expensive in 2014."  But this address is only cheap in price, not in quality.

Offer yourself a meal at Silk Road, it will take you away on a voyage of flavours in China, more precisely in the province of Xinjiang.  The region is huge and the territory is home to many ethnicities, such as the Mongolians, the Uyghurs, and Muslims.  Don't be astonished, then, to find lamb on the menu.  Diced into small cubes, flavoured with cumin and spicey pepper, the meat here is served grilled on skewers.  A delight for 1 pound!  ONE pound!

The other stars of the menu are the dumplings, generously stuffed, and the chicken noodle dish.  Offered in large or 'small' format, this bowl garnished with morcels of poultry and immense housemade noodles, is served in broth full of flavour.  Greasy, generous, perfumed:  this dish is ideal to heat yourself up in the middle of winter.

Let's go:  as a group is more fun than on a date.  To saveur all the dishes you see on the counters, you should order a bunch to share, and the huge tables are perfectly adapted to seating large groups.  The more you order, the more you can taste, so go on!

We love: leaving the restaurant with the feeling of having climbed Mount Everest, not the Great Wall of China, by having taste-tested the regional gastronomy from this huge region.

Must-try: the aubergies.  Served with tomatoes and red and green peppers, the veg is cut in thick pieces.  In the mouth, the texture is thick and melty, and difficult to describe.  You have to take the trip to Silk Road to try it out.

Warning: no credit/debit cards, cash only.

Open Monday to Friday 5pm- 11pm, Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 11pm

Alice Thierry de Ville d'Avray

Where to find it ?

Silk Road

49 Camberwell Church Street

SE5 8TR London

020 7703 4832

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