Foodies Festival in the heart of an amazing castle !!

Foodies Festival is THE paradise of the trendy and greedy girls looking for hot new products and culinary experiences. This crazy festival is taking place in a magic and unexpected place: The Syon Park, a very chic Middle Ages castle with a XIX century greenhouse and amazing lawns!

If you are obsessed with wine, a patisseries lover or even crazy about street food, you'll find everything you need, no need to worry.

What's the program? 80 hectares of lawn where you'll be able to chill and drink cocktails from the Galleon Mojito Bars. Live concerts, the best street food in town: Pulled pork (confit pork with sweat and sour sauce), sushis, vietnamese buns, thai curry, Malaysian noodles, churros, paella, burgers... And that is not an exhaustive list!!

There are also live ateliers, animated by famous chefs: Ping Coobes, the lucky winner of Masterchef 2014 is one of the guest chefs! Taste, interact, buy and meet the chefs we love and discuss about food like we knew each other since elementary school! We love the Foodies Festival spirit!

Cool: kids have there own space: The Children's Cookery Theatre offers some cooking ateliers especially thoughts for kids.

The craziest spot: the Tasting Theatre atelier where all the cacao experts will teach you how to sinff some chocolate powder like a rockstar!

Double cool: extra dates for the ones who missed the first event : July 3rd, 4th and 5th at Alexandra Palace and July 24th, 25th and 26th in Clapham Common.

May 23, 24 and 25 - Online tickets

3 days pass £25

Where to find it ?

Foodies Festival with Top Chefs

Syon Park

Park Rd

TW8 8JF Brentford

020 7870 7777

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