Le Coq Epicier: Frenchie treats in Angel

You already know Camden Passage, known for its antiques market and its pretty concept stores, but there is also a good reason for Frenchies to check it out: Le Coq Epicier.

Since Yohann Meignen followed his fiancee, transferred to London, he took advantage of the situation to leave behind his former career as a private chauffeur to launch himself in the foodie world, which always tempted him. Inspired by Parisian gourmet shops that he was missing on this side of the Channel, he started his own boutique to show off the best of little French producers in July 2016.

His credo? Propose the traditional, but at good prices. We say yes! In his pretty mini boutique, more than 150 products from the four corners of France parade, to the joy of those missing France: Durance candles next to calissons (an almond candy from Aix en Provence), Parisian sable biscuits next to brie cheese from Meaux and event coquillettes, a French child’s fave pasta.

We love: leaving with fresh eggs and a baguette tucked under your arm!

Because we love you so, we’ve selected five winter gems:

  • A super sophisto truffled Brillat- Savarin cheese (£11.90 the portion)
  • An unmissable whole duck foie gras, produced by the Ferme de Gagnet where the ducks are raised in complete liberty (£29.90)
  • A bottle of champagne, of course, but the extra special bottle from the family run brand Fallet Dart (£44.90)
  • A super chic sweatshirt stamped “Premier Cru” in navy and gold organic cotton (FWP by Rae, £39.90)
  • Totally regressive ribbons of handmade marshmallow by Arnaud Soubeyran, in a gorgeous vintage tin (£7.90)

Gift shopping? Opt for a big box that you can fill yourself with treasures. Also, be sure to check their Facebook page regularly to not miss out on the coming events: tastings, galettes de rois, crepes with salty caramel for Pancake Day….Yum!

Valentine Benoist

Where to find it ?

Le Coq Epicier

1 Camden Passage

N1 8EA London

+44 (0)20 7226 7733


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