Lemonia : greek hideaway in Primrose Hill

If you are looking for a star-studded dining room in North London, look no further than Lemonia. The old-school Greek restaurant has seen many a celeb tete-a-tete during its over thirty year reign in Primrose Hill.

Walk into Lemonia off of Regent’s Park Road, and you are transported, as if you are on holiday in a sunny locale instead of rainy Northwest London. Vines trail across the walls with the right about of kitsch, and the lemon tree motifs are straight out of a Mediterranean holiday town. Crowds of Primrose hill locals spend their afternoons escaping the cold London climate here, dining on traditional Greek delicacies.

What’s to eat? Aubergine salad (£5.25), chicken shashlik (£14.50), grilled prawns (£14.50), veggie moussaka (£13.25) and more. The menu is extensive, ranging from salads to grilled meats and fish to homey baked dishes.  Wash it down with a Cyprus Keo beer (£4.10) and don’t forget the shot of Ouzo (£4.50) after your meal.

We like: the three course lunch menu for 12.50£, with a starter (hummus, halloumi cheese, grilled sardines, etc), followed by spring chicken, grilled salmon or stuffed vegetables, and baklava or yoghurt with honey for dessert. A mini-Greek escape at a great price!

Who should you keep an eye out for? Emma Watson, Sadie Frost, Miss Moss and her boyfriend du jour, and other locals have been known to dine here.

Open 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm



greek food of Lemonia Restaurant

Where to find it ?


89 Regent’s Park Road

NW1 8UY London

+44 2 7586 7454


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